Virtual Reality

If you’re old enough to remember the fall of virtual reality in the mid-’90s, then you are as surprised as we are to see how VR headsets and VR glasses have become among the most hotly anticipated technology today. The headsets are not simply for virtual games anymore but have expanded to uses that seemed unimaginable at one point. You can find the head mounted display in VR technology being used in the military, healthcare sector, education, telecommunication, fashion, and even the development of programming language. Some headsets come packed with top of the line tech visual graphics so you can balance virtual worlds and even augmented reality. At least a dozen virtual and augmented headsets are currently on the market, with more consumer devices expected. The price of a virtual reality headset is very dependent on how much tech you want on the device. For example, Google’s Cardboard VR device is only around $25, but the Oculus Rift could cost up to $1,500. With the growing sector comes a pretty wide range of options. The Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus are the top two virtual reality headsets currently hashing it out before they hit the virtual gaming market in 2016. There’s also Samsung’s less expensive Gear VR which uses your smartphone the create the display. HTC also jumped into the virtual world with a partnership with gaming company Steam VR. Headsets use a wide range of devices in order to operate, so whatever compatible devices you currently own certainly factor into your decision. Project Morpheus will operate solely through a PS4, while the Oculus Rift needs a top of the line gaming computer to run. You will need a Samsung Note 4 is you want to operate the Gear VR, while augmented reality devices, like Microsoft’s Hololens, will usually operate independently. At, we dedicate ourselves to finding the most up-to-date information on virtual and augmented reality devices. By providing in depth critic and community reviews, we make it easy for users to find their perfect wearable — whatever their hobby.