GPS Watch

A GPS watch has a built-in GPS receiver which is commonly used for any outdoor sport, like running or hiking, that requires the tracking of distance and location. A GPS watch for running can typically track real-time speed, distance, and time data, with more sophisticated models featuring other capabilities like being water resistant, containing heart rate monitors, and having the ability to program interval or advanced workouts. The prices of GPS watches start from $100 and can go up to $500 or more. Anyone in the market for a GPS watch for running can have their pick from a variety of reputable brands, including Garmin, Polar, Suunto and Casio. Garmin GPS models cater to sports like golfing and running. The Garmin GPS running watch in particular has the capability to track heart rate, distance and pace, and can be synced with Garmin Connect, which provides free training plans, live tracking and social media sharing. By comparison, the Polar GPS watch has a range of features that cater to athletes of all kinds, including triathletes, and even measures daily activities like steps, distance, active time, and sleep quality and duration. The Suunto GPS watch differentiates itself with a minimalist aesthetic, and also targets explorers with its weather and altitude tracking features. Meanwhile, the Casio GPS watch comes in the classic G-Shock design, known for its shock-resistant toughness and ruggedness. It tracks time zone and daylight savings status. Many GPS watches are now also designed for everyday wear, giving buyers the option to integrate them seamlessly into their daily lifestyles. Look no further than the device database to contrast and compare the features of sport watches that are important to you, as well as check out our critic and user reviews.