Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are probably the most convenient way to listen to music on the go. By connecting to your smartphone, many Bluetooth headsets will not only play music, but alert you to notifications and most of your audio functions. With dozens of Bluetooth headsets on the market today ranging from $50 to over $350, it’s a particular task to find the best bluetooth headphones for your lifestyle. The LG Bluetooth headset, Tone, is a cheap bluetooth headset that packs a punch in its performance. You can listen for notifications as well as answer phone calls right from the device. If you are looking for the smallest Bluetooth headset, then the Motorola Hint 2 may be just for you. It’s like a personal assistant right in your ear, allowing for easy use of your Android powered smartphone. Since these are Bluetooth headsets, it should go without saying that you will need to make sure they actually connect with your smartphone. has the largest catalog of wearable tech, including all headphones, so finding the perfect union between your wireless Bluetooth headphones and your smartphone should be a piece of cake.