Smartwatches are connected wrist watches, that offer a variety of features including NFC, activity tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, downloadable apps, and customizable watchfaces. A smartwatch typically provides some value above just activity tracking and telling time, including receiving smartphone notifications, app notifications, calls, and text messages. Smartwatches are also capable of remotely controlling smartphones including to play music, control calls, respond to emails and text messages, and take pictures. There are over 50 makes and models of smartwatch on the market as of 2015, and new models are coming out faster than ever! Smartwatches range in price from roughly $100 to over $17,000. Whether you’re looking for a new smartwatch or just trying to get with the times, you may be having some trouble deciding which watch to purchase. Luckily, we’re here to facilitate the decision making process for you. After reading this guide, decide which features are important to you, and then use our filters and side-by-side comparisons to weigh your options. Brands such as Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Pebble, LG, ASUS, Sony, and Withings have watches available with a variety of features. Among the most popular devices are the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Motorola Moto 360, Samsung Gear and Samsung Gear S, LG G Watch R, LG Urbane, Sony Smartwatch 3, Withings Activite, Pebble, Pebble Time and Pebble Steel, as well as the ASUS ZenWatch. To compare these devices simply select the option and add it to the compare function to view price, technical specs, and features alongside one another. Smartwatches are typically connected to a smartphone. Make sure your smartphone of choice is compatible with a smartwatch before you purchase. There are a variety of available platforms for smartwatches the most popular being Android Wear, iOS (Watch OS), and proprietary platforms like Pebble’s Timeline and Samsung’s Tizen. Android watches are typically running Android 4.0 and newer, and iOS smartwatches vary on devices required, but typically require at least iOS 8.0 and above. Smartwatches vary on performance and rating based on battery life, price, design, and features. For every smartwatch we provide our official smartwatch review, top critic watch reviews, and also have community reviewers by actual users.