Golf Wearables

Golf wearables are making their way into the hands of players on greens around the world. From golf watches to golf swing analysers, athletes can use these wearable devices to act as digital scorecards, record swing path, measure tempo, estimate distance, and even view stress levels. Devices are usually worn around the wrist and often have connected pieces that attach to different clubs. There are about a dozen different golfing gadgets currently on the market, as of 2015. A golf GPS watch can range from about $170 to $400, while other devices cost between $150 and $200. Some of the top wearables are the Golf Buddy, Zepp Golf, TomTom Golfer, T1 Hybrid, Game Golf, Approach S6, Vivoactive, and the Garmin golf GPS watches. You can easily compare these devices side-by-side on our database where you can sort by features like price, metrics, brand, etc. Before you invest in one of these slick gadgets, make sure you have a smartphone that is up to date and compatible with the device of your choice. All of these golf accessories connect through Bluetooth via smartphone companion apps that allow users to view their data in real time. A golf watch such as the TomTom displays metrics such as heart rate, time, and calories, while the Zepp can show your swing in 3D. Ultimately choose the device that fits your golf goals. For the best golf swing, be sure to check out the snazzy devices in our database and make your way to the course.