Heart Rate Monitor Watch

A heart rate monitor watch does exactly what you’d expect — and more. These connected devices vary from smartwatches to chest straps, all of which tracking your heart rate as well as other metrics like calories, speed, altitude, steps, and general activity. The handful of heart rate monitoring watches, heart rate monitoring wristbands, and heart rate monitoring chest straps currently on the market. They range anywhere from $70 to $200. Major brands include Garmin, Polar, Timex, Mio, and Jawbone, each offering different devices with different variations of capabilities. Some of the best heart rate monitor watches include the Mio Alpha 2, RS300X, Jawbone UP3, and Jawbone UP4. For a heart rate monitor with chest strap, check out the TomTom line of devices for a different kind of experience that sync up watches and straps. Most heart rate monitor wristbands require smartphones running on iOS 8.0 and higher or Android 4.0 and higher. These wearables connect to companion apps that allow users instant access to their data in real-time. To sort through these different heart rate monitors, use the Wearables.com database to compare prices, specs, and more — all in one place.