Smart Clothing

Smart clothing is the fusion of textiles and technology, designed to make your life just a little more quantifiable. A wearable can be found for just about everything, from your head to your toes, and can function in various ways. Sports clothes intended for athletes are equipped to monitor heart rate, muscle activity, speed, and even breathing patterns. On the other end of the spectrum, smart gloves for motorcyclists allow users to control music, media, and smartphones through gesture control, while solar-powered jackets provide wearers with enough power to charge a phone. There are over 10 major articles of smart clothing available. They range greatly in price, from the $170 Hexoskin smart shirt to the $420 Tommy Hilfiger solar powered shirt. Big brands like Beartek, Spree Wearables, Athos, and Hexoskin produce a variety of smart clothing items that fit seamlessly into daily life. Devices like the Athos shirt, Owlet baby monitor, Spree Smart Cap, and SnowSport gloves give insight into body metrics — and can also alert users as to what to change about their daily routine. Though smart clothing may not proliferate the wearable technology market today, more and more pieces are being developed. In order to find what fits you, we’ve got the specs and details that you need to know. Another tip? Be sure you select a garment that is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system. From the athlete to the baby, there is an article of wearable tech clothing for everyone. Be sure to browse for official reviews and news on every device.