Wireless headphones help you stay connected to your music, calls, and smartphone notifications on the go — without wires getting in the way. Bluetooth headphones come in a variety of options including over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, earbuds, and earpieces. Many wireless headphones include microphones for voice controls and taking hands-free calls. Noise cancelling headphones and noise cancelling earbuds use active noise control technology to remove unwanted ambient sounds without having to increase volume. This allows you to focus on what sounds matter most, regardless of your environment. Bluetooth headsets and wireless earbuds represent the next great evolution in wearable technology. Often called hearables, these wireless headphones have evolved to include biometric monitoring data like tracking activity, steps, heart rate, and body temperature. Improvements in virtual assistants, translation software, and voice recognition technology have also helped these bluetooth earbuds increase their overall usefulness. Wireless headphone companies include Beats, Sennheiser, Monster Headphones, Motorola, LG, Bose, Sol Republic, Jabra, and Skullcandy. Newer companies with innovative wireless earbud technology include Soundhawk, Bragi, and Jaybird. Popular wireless headphones include the Beats Studio Wireless, Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless, Bose SoundLink, Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless, and Bragi Dash. If you are looking for the best wireless headphones, best earbuds, or the best bluetooth headsets, we’re here to help! On Wearables.com you can find our wireless headphone reviews, compare wireless earbuds, and find the best guides for using any headphone.