Fitness Band

Fitness bands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but at the end of the day, all of these devices are designed with a single goal: to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Fitness bands can monitor heart rate, keep track of steps and calories, and also assist you in your workouts. You may have heard some of the best fitness bands coming out from brands like Nike or Samsung. But pay attention to some other players: Garmin fitness band (Garmin Vivosmart), is a lightweight fitness tracker that combines fashion and technology in an unprecedented way; if you want a little more bang for your buck, take a look at the LG fitness band, Lifeband Touch. With real time data displayed right to your wrist, monitoring your health has never been easier. The prices for fitness bands products can range equally if not more, sometimes below $50 bucks to well over $300. has one of the largest online databases of wearable technology to help you narrow your search of the best fitness band trackers. By comparing models, reading critic reviews, and reviewing community feedback, you can rest easy in knowing you’ve selected the best fitness band possible.