Step Tracker

Adding a step tracker to your life is a great way to monitor your everyday movement and, ultimately, try to get in a few more steps in. There are hundreds of different option, so it really comes down to what you want your step counter to perform. Step tracking is often one feature of a larger activity and fitness tracker that monitors data far beyond step-counting. and send your results to an app on your smartphone through bluetooth. You may have already heard of some of the best step trackers. The Nike step tracker, the Fuelband, was one of the pioneers of the wearables industry and was one of the first to monitor your calories, steps, and pace. The Jawbone step tracker is a fashionable alternative to your normal activity monitor. The Jawbone UP4 even allows you to store your American Express card on the wearable to swipe-to-pay. Some of these sensors are tucked away in exciting technology. A Samsung step tracker is embedded within most Samsung smartwatches, and a Pebble step tracker is also a possibility nowadays. Using you can compare multiple devices, read critic reviews, and see community responses to all wearable products on the market. Counting your steps has never been easier.