Sport Watches

Sport watches are geared towards fitness enthusiasts, combining features such as a stopwatch, altimeter, and alarm — all on top of telling time. Other popular features found on a sports watch are heart rate monitors, GPS trackers, vertical speedometers, calorie trackers, and even weather information. A sports watch is designed to be useful, tough, and resistant to the elements. They have been steadily growing in popularity, with an estimated 21 million on the arms of individuals in 2015. But not all sports watches are created equal, as sports watches for men and women range in price, from the lower end of $100 up to over $1,000. The best sports watches are produced by renowned brands like Garmin, Nike, Suunto, Adidas, and Polar. Some of the best sport watches from these brands typically come with sophisticated training features and compete with each other in terms of warranty coverage, software, and repair support, as well as accessory offerings. The Garmin sports watch is an outstanding GPS sports watch that’s proven to be useful for any outdoor sports aficionado who’s into running, climbing, or even fishing. The best sports watch would need to be compatible with a variety of platforms, including Android and iOS, so that it can sync up with Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android devices, and fit seamlessly into any workout plan or sporting lifestyle. Look no further than the device database to contrast and compare the features of sport watches that are important to you, as well as check out our critic and user reviews.