Running Wearables

There is an immense amount of running wearables that can improve your athletic performance. Many of these devices monitor your heart rate, breathing, calorie intake, and proper running form so you can maximize your workout. Between running watches and Bluetooth running headphones, there are hundreds of wearables fit for running, ranging from under $50 to over $400. With the market demand continuously rising, running headphones and watches have brought some of the biggest companies into the game. Nike, Garmin, Microsoft, Polar, and TomTom are just a handful of the companies with top-rated running trackers. The two things you need to decide on before choosing the best running watch or earbuds are your budget and what you want to accomplish with your wearable. Garmin and TomTom have introduced top of the line GPS running watches that will track your course. LG has running headphones that will also monitor your heart rate. The Nike running watch tracks your running but also shows you real time information through their supporting app. Many of these devices connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth, but GPS watches like the Garmin running watches have functionality without Bluetooth. Many of the running watches can connect with both Android OS and iOS. Whether it’s headphones for running or a running tracker, we have the expertise at to help you find the best match. Between our critics review and community review products, you can rest assured that you will find the best running watch or audio device on the market.