GPS Tracker for Kids

Keeping an eye on the whole family can be difficult, but using a GPS tracker for kids could greatly improve your ability to keep a watchful eye over everyone. Once you give your child the wearable device, you can pinpoint his or her location on your smartphone owing to the location technology embedded within the device. Kids GPS trackers are not exactly widely adopted, but you can already get your hands on some innovative devices. Filip is a kids’ GPS watch that allows parents to send one-way text messages directly to the watch, and sends parents a notification when their child leaves the “safe zone” — a designated area that the watch should operate within. Of the handful of devices currently on the market, most are under $300 bucks. The key feature is that these kids smartwatches offer is quite simple: peace-of-mind for parents. has the largest database of wearable technology. Finding the right GPS locator for kids is as easy as selecting a model and reading our extensive critic reviews and community feedback.