Cycling Wearables

Cycling wearables are intended to give riders a more personalized experience during their ride. Cycling smartwatches, smart clothing, and smart glasses are just a few of the innovative devices utilized by avid cyclists. A cycling watch offers a variety of different features such as activity tracking, sleep tracking, GPS location, performance apps, and access to online communities to compare data like pace, distance, and personal records. The best cycling glasses and smart clothes are ones that offer extra protection for cyclists by producing real-time data of surroundings on the road, lowering riders’ chances of being involved in a crash. There are well over 70 major cycling wearables currently available. Cycling watches range anywhere from about $100 to $500, while cycling smart glasses go for $700. Different items of smart clothing vary from $150 to $300. The sheer quantity of cycling devices can overwhelm, so we’ve made it easy for you to compare different devices by simply browsing our extensive database. By selecting the features that you’re looking for, a quick side-by-side comparison is available to you in order to find everything from the best cycling computer to the best cycling GPS watch. Many have looked to Garmin for running and cycling devices, and users have consistently seen the Garmin cycling watches dominate the market over the past few years. But, we’ve also seen additions from Microsoft, Mio, and Suunto, as well as Polar cycling gear, all of which have added much needed variety. The most popular watches for cyclists include the Fitbit Surge, Moov, Microsoft Band, Forerunner 920XT, Fenix 3, and the Vivoactive. Hexoskin and Spree are popular brands for smart clothing, while the Recon Jet remains on top of the cycling smart glasses list. When preparing to buy cycling wearable tech, make sure you have a smartphone that is compatible with the device. Most GPS cycling watches and activity trackers connect to iOS and Android phones, and other accessories can be paired through Bluetooth and ANT. Data from the devices is displayed on smartphones and apps so you can quickly see your cadence, route, and even a what a healthy sleep cycle graph looks like. The best cycling accessories come in all shapes and sizes. For reviews, specs, and all of the information you need, take a in-depth look on!