Withings API Now Allows for Oxygen Monitoring Data

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Withings’ newly released activity tracker, the Pulse o2, allows for blood oxygen monitoring through use of a rear mounted lens and light. The company’s API allows for access to the massive amounts of health data produced by its users. The blood oxygen monitoring is a clear distinguishing factor among the bevy of fitness trackers that monitor steps and calories.

Withings Pulse Wearable Tech

Photo: Withings Pulse o2

Here is the company’s official description of the Withings API:

Using the Withings API, developers can access health data measured by our products, including weight, body fat, lean mass, blood pressure and heart rate and use it to improve their existing user experience – or to create brand new ones. The API is based on OAuth for authentication. It is free to use and lets you retrieve data from our devices seamlessly and without hold-ups.



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