What was said about the Apple Watch after its first weekend in the wild

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Now that some lucky people have had the Apple Watch on their wrists for for more than 24 hours, certain feedback on the landmark wearable device is emerging. From battery life to easy (or not so easy) wear and tear, below is what the collective Internet is saying about what it’s like to take an Apple Watch into the wild.

– First things first, the Apple Watch is only being sold online and in a select group of high fashion boutiques around the world, including but not limited to Colette (Paris), Dover Street Market (London and Tokyo), and Corner (Berlin).

– The smartwatch does indeed last a full day. However, reports have emerged on some forums that the Apple Watch drains the life of the the iPhone it’s paired to.

– Before you throw your hands up in despair, at least one user in the entire world reported that the Apple Watch improved iPhone battery life. The tip here comes down to “offloading notifications and quick interactions to your Apple Watch.”

– There are 3,000 apps available for download, which greatly outshines what was available on the first day of Google’s Android Wear platform.

Time boldly found that the watch can be submerged in water for 15 minutes and still function.

– Multiple outlets set out to destroy the Apple Watch in durability tests and found that it’s a pretty solid device, with Business Insider going so far as to say that the sapphire display “is nearly indestructible.”

– The above is not to say that the stainless steel is as impenetrable. In fact, the metal casing has been deemed “very scratch prone.”

Some say that the digital crown will “usher in a new era of UI control,” forcing designers to “reimagine how users will interact with ultra-small format devices.”

– One of the most important moves to learn on the Apple Watch is the pressing the digital crown, which serves as a de facto “back button” and will take you to the previous screen.

– And last but not least, it should come without surprise that Beyonce has been wearing an Apple Watch longer than you.

Many more consumer reports will emerge over the course of this week, including our own teardown of the Apple Watch done in conjunction with Teardown.com. Stay tuned for more expert opinions.

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