WebMD App Now Tracks Health Data

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Add WebMD to the list of companies looking to collect user health data. The company has launched Healthy Target, a new addition to its existing iPhone app which allows users to aggregate, store, and share data from various wearables, smart scales, and diet logging services in one location. WebMD aims to solve the issue around users having multiple sources of health data in separate locations.


The new Healthy Target section of WebMD’s App. Source: WebMD.com

Sound familiar? Well, it should. In this past month we’ve seen a few major players aiming to position themselves as the authoritative consumer mobile health platform. Apple announced its HealthKit app for iOS 8, Google is rumored to be launching its Google Fit platform, and Samsung announced the Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions, or SAMI, a health platform based on its Simband technology.


WebMD apparently though aims to go one step further and provide actionable insights from the data points created by connecting the various information sources Healthy Target will collect. If it manages to do so, it can certainly distinguish itself from the existing services and soon-to-launch services. Providing useful insights aimed at changing user behavior has yet to be successfully cornered by any device or app.


For further information check out WebMD’s App page.

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