Wearables to Surge Battery Sales

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As demand for wearables continues to increase, so will the industry demands for component parts, including batteries. Many wearables companies are currently working with battery manufacturers to figure out best designs for their devices. The battery manufacturers are of course loving the explosion in growth that wearables are seeing, which according to Fox Business will bring their industry some growth of its own:

“The booming wearables market –devices that can be worn in the form of glasses, jewelry and watches – is expected to lead to a projected 1,100% surge in battery sales over the next four years, according to new data from IHS (IHS). Worldwide revenues for wearable electronics batteries made by the likes of Panasonic’s Sanyo Energy, Swiss-based Renata and Valence Technology are expected to reach $77 million by 2017 from a measly $6 million at the end of 2014.”



Read the source article at Fox Business.

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