Wearables On CNN’s Coolest Gadgets of 2014

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This year, CNN compiled a end-of-the-year list of the coolest new gadgets. Whether you’re looking for a gadget to purchase as a holiday gift or just want to look at technological innovations in 2014, the list offers lot’s of interesting wearables. There are ten wearables on CNN’s list, ranging from $25 to $299 (with one item yet to be priced).


Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR. Source: Samsung.


The Samsung Gear VR made the list for its convenience. As long as you have the accompanying Samsung Note 4, you can have virtual reality everywhere you go. The headset also recently became available for purchase, making its timing on the list fortuitous given the holiday shopping.


The Lumo Lift posture coach and activity monitor. Source: Lumo Bodytech.

The Lumo Lift posture coach and activity monitor.
Source: Lumo Bodytech.


Some wearables, and wearables related devices, on the list were invented with fitness and health in mind, like the Lumo Lift ($99), Babolat Pure Drive ($299), and Microsoft Band ($199). Lumo Lift can do most anything a fitness wristband is expected to do with an additional helpful feature: it vibrates when you are slouching so you can correct your posture. The Babolat Pure Drive tennis racket has sensors in its handle to compile data about a user’s swing, along with his or her amount of forehands, backhands, serves, and smashes. Need a fitness band that has guided workouts from Gold’s Gym, Shape, and Men’s Fitness? The Microsoft Band has that and more unique features.


Polaroid cube waterproof

The Polaroid Cube in the waterproof case so you can strap it on and take great action shots underwater.
Source: Polaroid.


The other wearables that made the list fall under the wearable camera category — Narrative Clip ($229) and Polaroid Cube ($99)– both of which feature miniature cameras. The Narrative Clip records two photos with geotags each minute its in use to help you remember what you were up to on a given day. Polaroid’s Cube is meant to be the everyman’s Go Pro camera, with the surface area of a quarter and the ability to record ninety minutes worth of 1080p HD video.


The total list for wearables that made the list is: Lumo Lift, Samsung Gear VR, Babolat Pure Drive, Narrative Clip, Microsoft Band, The Tile, Lockheed Martin Fortis, Pebble Steel, MiCoach, and Polaroid Cube. CNN’s 36 Coolest Gadgets of 2014 list can be found in its entirety here.

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