Wearables in TIME’s 25 Best Inventions of 2014

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TIME recently released their annual list of the best inventions of the year. There are loads of very useful and innovative devices highlighted in this article, like a real life hoverboard or wireless electricity; however, some of which are incredibly interesting wearables! Below we sum up which wearables made the list!


1) Smartwatches


Apple Watch. Source: Apple.

Apple Watch. Source: Apple.


2014 was certainly the year that smartwatches crossed into the consumer lexicon. TIME commends the developments in the space. Apple‘s latest foray leads them into creating a smartwatch that is more revolutionary than one would be lead to believe. The watch supports a unique iOS built specifically for a smaller screen, touch capabilities and physical buttons. Apple’s smart watch, aptly named the Apple Watch, has many functions like messaging, directions, and unique fitness apps created specifically with smart watch in mind. The smartwatch also keeps the fashionable in mind offering special models that feature 18-karat gold. The Apple Watch is set to release early 2015 retailing for $349.


2) Lumo Lift


Lumo Lift.

Source: Lumo Bodytech.


Lumo Bodytech‘s Lift also made TIME’s list. The stylish posture coach and activity tracker encourages you to stand tall and confidant. Lumo Lift is a chiplike magnetic clasp that you wear on your clothes. It can analyze your neck and spinal positions and will send a vibration alerting you to fix your posture. All of the data gathered while wearing your Lumo Lift is effortlessly sent to your phone, so you can witness your posture tracking over time. You can purchase a Lumo Lift for $99.


3) Ringly


Source: Ringly.

Source: Ringly.


Ringly is a unique wearable designed to keep the professional woman up to date without digging around her purse for her phone. Ringly functions as a notifier from your smartphone without actually seeing your phone. You can customize different notifications like a call from your boss to glow or even vibrate. You can preorder a Ringly for $195.


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