Wearables in the Workplace Heats Up

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APX Labs recently announced a $10 million investment to help the group bring wearable technology to the enterprise, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Herndon, Virginia based company makes platforms that allows companies to build custom apps for smart glass technology, called Skylight.


APX Labs’ Skylight


According to the company, its Skylight business is optimal for situations that require “hands-free, in context, real-time information right where work is getting done.” The company also offers a product called Skybox, which aims to change the ways sporting fans experience live sports. Google recently featured the Skybox technology in its Google+ post on its Glass At Work initiative. The post mentioned the use of Skybox by the Washington Capitals hockey organization.


We’ve mentioned in the past that heads up display technology may see better adoption rates in scenarios where the pragmatic benefits of the devices outweigh any concerns around social stigma and fashion aesthetics.


APX Labs’ current industry focus is on healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and retail.

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