Wearables In Fertility Tracking

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Basal Body Temperature has been tracked in fertility studies for years. It is the lowest temperature the body reaches while at rest, principally obtained during sleep. This data helps women know when they are at their most likely to conceive. However tracking this metric has some issues as the temperature must be taken at the same time every morning, which requires very regular sleep patterns and monitoring.


Enter Tempdrop, the wearable sensor mounted in an arm band that makes it easier for people to track and chart their Basal Body Temperatures. The company recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $100,000. The device can be fixed to the body through an adhesive patch, a device-specific armband, or can even be tucked under a bra. The user simply wears the device during sleep, and takes it off in the morning.


Tempdrop BBT Chart

Photo: Tempdrop, BBT Chart.



The device also works with existing fertility apps like My Days, Kindara, OvuView, Menstrual Calendar, and LadyTimer. Tempdrop has already collaborated with Kindara, OvuView, My Days, Menstrual Calendar, LadyTimer, and other apps.



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