Victoria’s Secret Releases Heart Monitor Bra

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On the heels of its partnership with Misfit Wearables, Victoria Secret’s latest line of sports bra, the Incredible, features heart rate functionality. Typically heart rate technology is primarily found in sports watches, but now with help of Clothing+ Victoria’s Secret can now use this technology inside a sports bra. Clothing+, Finnish fabric maker, created both the materials and sensor technology inside the bra. Concealed inside this smart garment are chest placed monitors with tiny electrodes that will be able to connect to your skin and transfer information to a heart rate monitor. The smart sports bra can hold more sensors to the skin comparable to a sports watch, so it can collect more information and produce smarter data.


The Incredible by Victoria's Secret Heart Rate Monitor Compatible Bra.  Source: Victoria's Secret.

The Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Heart Rate Monitor Compatible Bra.
Source: Victoria’s Secret.


The Incredible also comes with all the Victoria’s Secret sports bra features; maximum support, body-wick technology to keep you cool and dry, breathable padding with wicking lining, concealed wire for cushioned support, soft elastic band for maximum comfort and movement as well as many other features.


The bra does not come with the heart rate monitor, that must be purchased separately. The smart sports bra is extremely easy to use thank to its design which mimics that of a traditional chest strap heart rate monitor. Moisten the electrode areas before use, attach your heart rate transmitter to the front of the sports bra, go exercise, and lastly detach heart rate transmitter to collect results. The Incredible Sports Bra with heart rate functionality can be purchased on for $72.50 – $75.50.


Source: Victoria's Secret.

Source: Victoria’s Secret.

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