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Action sports measurement and sharing app Alpine Replay has  been helping skiers and snowboarders measure their runs, including speed, distance, calories burned, and then share them with buddies for bragging rights since 2010. Last fall the company decided to expand the categories of applicable action sports into surfing and skateboarding, by moving into the hardware space with its Kickstarter campaign for its Trace equipment-mountable tracker. The campaign exceeded its goal raise of $150,000.


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The device, which is about the same size as a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, leverages GPS technology and inertial sensors to help measure speed, rotation, and jump height to create measurable and shareable representations of surfers’ last run or skateboarders skatepark session. Given that the device is mounted directly onto users’ board, the durable device is built to be both shockproof and waterproof.


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Bluetooth technology connects the device to smartphones. Alpine Replay’s proprietary algorithms allow the measurements to be shared via their smartphone app within whatever use case the device is used for: surf, skate, or snow. Through the app surfers can view the length of their waves, number of waves they caught, rotations they took, their average speed during each wave, and see where their run took place on a map. This all becomes shareable to followers that appears in their newsfeed.


Trace retails for $199, with the board mounts retailing for an additional $10 each; however the device is currently sold out, with shipping estimated to begin this summer. The company is taking pre-orders for their next shipment of Trace trackers.


Check out the Trace page for further info.

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