Tory Burch FitBit Line Officially Available

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After months since the first announcement of the partnership between fashion designer Tory Burch and wearable fitness maker FitBit, the fashion accessories have now been revealed and are ready for purchase. The line includes two silicone bracelets, as well as a matching bracket designed metal pendant and bracelet, that of course house the FitBit Flex inside. The partnership between the two marks a trend to make wearable technology more fashionable, ultimately appealing to a larger audience.


The first set of the accessories are similar in design to the FitBit Flex, being that they are silicone bracelets but more fashionable with a navy and fuschia patterned design. Additionally, the pendant has an open framework metal hinged design, making it match the other bracelet design. The latter accessories were designed to have more of an elegant look, while the silicone bracelets work as more of an upgrade on the original design by FitBit.


Tory Burch Silicone Printed Bracelet for Fitbit. Source:


The FitBit Flex was designed to be worn not only all day, but all night as well, making the design of such a bracelet not the easiest task. In a quote by a spokesperson from FitBit, the challenge was to design “versatile pieces that could house the tracking device and look chic enough for work or evening.” In the same interview, the idea for the partnership was an easy collaboration, with Burch already so invested in both fitness as well as innovation and technology.The FitBit Flex tracks everything from steps taken and calories burned to sleep patterns, making the design from Tory Burch integral to how the device functions.


The accessories are now available for purchase, and run from $38 to $195, not including the $99 Fitbit Flex. For more information, check out the exclusive line on Tory Burch’s website.

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