This week in wearables: Jetpacks, driverless cars, and Jump

Written By Allie Quill

Before you head out for the weekend, we’ve got this week’s most important wearables stories summed up for you below.

1. Google invited the entire world to apply to test the new video rig, Google Jump. This video mount contains 16 GoPro Hero4 cameras that create a perfect 360-degree, panoramic view. All it takes is a quick application, some really, really convincing answers.

2. The winners of our Apple Watch giveaway have gave us their entertaining user reviews on the watches. They have the scoop on battery life, comfort, wearability, app experience, style and everything else that comes with living a smart watch life.

3. For Android users, Google officially added 17 quirky new watch faces to the Google Play storefront this week — and there’s something for everyone. Android Wear Product Marketing Manager Feng Yuan Xu wants people to know, “Whether you’re into games or glamour, you’re sure to find a watch face that lets you wear what you want.”

4. Apple and Google are in a race competing for the newest platform of technology: Cars. In response to the emergence of the first Google self-driving cars in California, the public is both excited and skeptical. But at the rate these companies are moving, we can expect to see more quite soon.

5. Everyone can pack up and go home because Lexus has come up with a “real, rideable hoverboard.” The prototype is still rough, and it’s not exactly a wearable, but it’s too cool not to include. The hoverboard will reportedly go through extensive testing in Barcelona. With the powerful combination of magnetic levitation, magnets, semiconductors, and liquid nitrogen, we could say goodbye to wheels and hello to a brand new world.

6. For a mere $150,000, you can purchase the world’s first commercial jetpack, set to launch in late 2016. The P12 version of the Martin Jetpack debuted last week at the Paris Airshow, where it was revealed to have a V4 200 horsepower engine that can fly up for about 30 minutes up to 1,000 meters.

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