This week in wearables: Fitbit stocks, second-gen Apple Watch, and everything else you missed

Written By Allie Quill

From a great day on the trading floor to equipping the health industry with wearable tech, this week was a big one for the industry as various companies ruled the headlines. Skim the below to be well-versed on what happened this week.

1. FitBit‘s first day on the NYSE went better than we could have ever expected. Not only did the opening land the company among the top 10 market debuts of the year, but stock prices soared from $20 to $30.40. It might be time to rethink your current investments.

2. The UK-startup, Blocks Wearables, is going where no smartwatch has gone before. Their goal? To create a smartwatch that you can customize with different modules. From choosing the color of the band to deciding what functions your watch will have, Blocks will allow you to pick only the parts that you really want.

3. Intel exec, Josh Walden, has officially announced the chip mogul’s acquisition of Recon Instruments. After Intel missed the smartphone boat by a mile, it’s a smart idea for them to pick up Recon — who just so happens to be a leader in high-tech eyewear. Look out smart glasses, Intel is coming for your space.

4. The National Health Services of the UK are making huge strides in healthcare with the addition of wearable technology for patients. From skin sensors to smart clothes, the NHS hopes to implement more effective measures of monitoring health and patient information.

5. AT&T added 6 new wearable devices to its in-store and online selection. Bringing the running total up to 30 devices, the company is getting the hang of how the Internet of Things seems to work. Although the Apple Watch has yet to hit AT&T stores, you can check out new gadgets like the Misfit Flash and Mio Fuse while you wait.

6. Rumors are quickly spreading that the second gen Apple Watch will support a camera for video chatting. With the Wi-Fi capabilities coming out with the new watchOS, the Apple Watch will be even more independent from the iPhone, and a front-facing camera could potentially allow you to leave your phone at home entirely. There is plenty of time for these rumors to be dismissed, but until then, we’re keeping our hopes up.

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