This week in wearables: Experimental apps, new Android Wear, and Samsung’s teaser

Written By Allie Quill

This week was a busy one, but we’ve pinpointed the important stories that you need to know. Take a look at what you might have missed.

1. Google announced a new website that will showcase experimental applications designed for Android and Android Wear devices. There are already 20 apps running including Inkspace by Zach Lieberman and Landmark by Anthony Tripoldi, with more to be added. Hopefully these experiments will help perfect the user experience while perfecting some useful applications.

2. Self-described futurist and media-appointed influencer, Tim Moore, dropped in to discuss his thoughts on the “tipping point” of wearable tech. From smartglasses to mobile payment, he talks about everything that the future of wearables has in store.

3. Cloud software giant,, has announced 20 brand-new partner apps to be released for the Apple Watch. They are teaming up with companies like Bracket Labs, Financial Force, New Voice Media, and more to help the workplace become a little more hands-free. Lindsey Irvine, head of Salesforce Wear, said the company’s strategy is to “make those devices more than just gadgets and can make them into real business tools.”

4. Remember when Fossil got really excited to create their own line of wearables? Well, the initial hype is over after a less-than-satisfactory second quarter performance by the clothing company. Although they never named the Apple Watch specifically, it’s pretty easy to guess which devices are being blamed for the slump in traditional watch sales. Despite this, Fossil CEO, Kosta Kartsotis, still supports “smarter watches” and says that the company is still on track to release tech products in the near future.

5. Android Wear V1.3 started rolling out this week, introducing a new Device to Debug program and a couple new apps, but has yet to release the much anticipated “interactive watch faces” to the market. Android has promised the “Together” feature of these new faces will allows users to interact when their watch face matches another’s watch. This update sounds pretty cool, so we’re hoping it comes sooner rather than later.

6. Samsung just released a teaser for its new Gear S2 smartwatch. This new, round watch will come complete with a heart rate monitor, messaging, calendar, a running app, and more. The interactive watch faces and sleek design just might put the Gear S2 on top of the Apple Watch.

Come back next week for more stories!

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