This week in wearables: a UNICEF challenge, classy new smartwatches, and a Nike lawsuit

Written By Allie Quill

Don’t let your busy week keep you out of the loop! Catch up on everything in the wearables world that you might have missed to start your weekend off right.

1. Best Buy is going to be the first major retailer to start selling the Apple Watch besides the Apple Store itself. This big box store will offer 16 variations of the watch in stores from the Sport to the Watch and the 38mm to the 42mm. Although Apple hasn’t released (and probably won’t) any concrete data on their smartwatch sales, the company is continuing to extend their public reach by opening the door for Best Buy to help transition these pricey devices into accessible, everyday products.

2. Swiss watchmaker, Mondaine, has just released their first luxury smartwatch for pre-order. The Helvetica 1 Smart boasts a two year battery, a sophisticated look, and features that can monitor everything from your sleeping patterns to the calories you burn. This big upgrade will set you back about $850 until it increases to $950 in September, but you better grab one quickly as this pre-order will only sell 1,957 units as a way giving a shoutout to the year the Helvetica font was created.

3. Hot off their first batch of Model One watches, Olio Devices is introducing their second round of devices, but this time they have two new editions: a 24 karat gold and 18 karat gold rose gold version of the smartwatch. Only 100 of each gold edition will be available for sale and will cost between $1,200 and $1,400.

4. For those that purchase a Nike Fuelband in the past 3.5 years, you could be eligible to a small refund thanks to a settlement Nike recently made in a lawsuit that claimed the activity trackers don’t accurately tally daily steps and the accurate number of calories burned. The company is offering $15 in cash or $25 Nike gift cards for anyone who bought the device between January 19,2012 and June 17, 2015.

5. UNICEF launched the Wearables for Good Challenge back in May to encourage innovators to create wearable technology that has a lasting solutions for social good. The challenge calls for a device that is low-cost, cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and must be in line with one of UNICEF’s seven strategic pillars. The application phase of the contest is ending on August 4, so you still have a couple days to kick your brain into high gear and starting inventing!

6. Recent reports have suggested that the wearables industry will be worth nearly $74 billion by 2025, nearly tripling from the $25 billion worth it has currently. Because there is so much room for innovation and growth, researchers at IDTechEx see a very profitable future if devices keep improving at such a rapid rate. IDTechEx suggests jumping in the wearables market before the competition gets too fierce.

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