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From wristbands to mattress motion trackers, there is now a wide range of sleep related tech in the market. Hello, the company behind Sense, wants to change the way we monitor sleep. The company has designed an orb, that sits beside the bed and works with a clip-on sensor called the “Sleep Pill” to completely monitor your sleep, as well as create a smart alarm system.


The idea behind Sense comes from its 22 year old CEO James Proud, who noticed that much of the technology that was designed to make life easier actually encroached into our sleep. Proud wanted a product that can exist in the bedroom environment on its own and be unobtrusive.


With that in mind, Sense approaches sleep monitoring a little different than a wearable sleep tracker would. Sense still takes in duration and depth of sleep, but it also is able to detect the environment in which you sleep, making note of what wakes you such as a car alarm or a snoring partner. Then, every morning Sense will create a report on the previous night’s sleep on the Sense app, in which you can see every detail on what is and isn’t working. In addition to the sleep monitoring, Sense is designed to change your alarm habits as well. Instead of waking you in the middle of a sleep cycle, the smart-alarm, along with the Sleep Pill, will detect when the proper time to wake based off of sleep cycles and movement.


From left to right: the Sense Sleep Orb, the Sleep Pill, and the Sense App. Source:


Sense successfully sought funding on Kickstarter, with the campaign reaching well and above its modest $100,000 goal. At its completion totals pledging was nearly $2.5 million. Hello plans on shipping Sense in the fall of this year.

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