The Need for a Robust Wearable Apps Ecosystem

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A new report by BI Intelligence analyzes the state of the wearables apps landscape. BI Intelligence argues that the fragmented state of the wearables market is stymying the proliferation of apps. Developers are less incentivized to create apps that are currently still product-specific. As oppose to say the smartphone market where two platforms, Android and iOS, give developers immediate access to multiple devices and users.


Google is already making efforts in the wearables app market by announcing a developer preview to Android Wear, its wearables platform.


BI Intelligence predicts that wearables apps should focus on entirely new use cases available only to wearables, as oppose to extending the smartphone and tablet experience. Also, as wrist worn devices currently make up the majority of the wearables market, developers would be smart to currently focus on wrist-specific apps, especially in the hot fitness app market. And of course, Google and Apple are both poised to make huge moves in the wearables apps space due to the large existing iOS and Android developer communities.


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