The crowdfunding charts: Drum-pants, key-trackers, smart-clips, and more

Written By Ellis Frederick

How should you know which innovations support on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? We’re here to help. Check out what we found on the crowdfunding charts this week:

What hit crowdfunding this week

Pebblebee Stone on Indiegogo

Started: June 15
Goal: $30,000
Raised As of June 19: $28,922

Take it from someone who has lost their keys many, many times: The Pebblebee Stone is a great invention. Only four days in, Pebblebee Stone is well on its way to being fully funded, possibly by the end of Friday. Through its smartphone app, the Stone is able to warn you when you’ve gone out of range from your keys. In otherwords, you’ll never leave your keys in a restaurant again.

That’s not all it does, though. The Stone comes with a smart button, which you can program for different uses. You can call, text, control music, take pictures, and so much more. This is all possible thanks to IFTTT, a web-based service that creates a chain of actions from the press of the button to the smartphone’s reaction.

MYLE TAP on Indiegogo

Started: June 16
Goal: $50,000
Raised As of June 19: $28,494

Really great ideas are often fleeting. What if you’ve finally thought of the perfect way to end your novel, and you don’t have a place to write it down? TAP is the solution.

Invented by Calgary, Alberta-based company MYLE Electronics, TAP is a smart clip with a microphone, which you can attach to your shirt. This clip listens to your command, translates it to your phone, and sends the information to the relevant app. It works with Twitter, your calendar, and more. It’s like Siri on steroids.

Doppel on Kickstarter

Started: June 16
Goal: £100,000 ($155,412)
Raised As of June 19: £17,865 ($27,765)

Nearly all wearables for the wrist are a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, but not Doppel. In fact, Doppel is much more in tune with your body than, say, a FitBit.

Doppel was created by London startup Team Turquoise, and could be a genius way to manage the body and get what you want out of your day. The wearable pulses at a set pace, either to calm you down or keep you alert. You can even save what pulse rates you like on a smartphone app for future use. “It is not about monitoring your body or sending bleeping emails and alerts,” says Doppel’s Kickstarter page. “It is about changing how you feel.”

What’s hot this week

Makey Makey GO on Kickstarter

Started: May 11
Goal: $10,000
Raised As of June 19: $149,369 (goal reached!)

Florida’s Makey Makey GO is a small USB device uses an alligator clip and connect to, well, anything. For example, a banana can quickly become your computer mouse.

Sound impossible? As long as the object you connect Makey Makey GO to has a small electric current, you can use it. From Jell-O to aluminum foil to a garden hose, you can kind of make anything happen.

With 20 days to go, Makey Makey GO has received nearly 1,500% of its fundraising goal by now, proving its Kickstarter campaign to be a success. When you have a product this versatile, how could it not be?

Kokoon EEG Headphones on Kickstarter

Started: May 11
Goal: $100,000
Raised As of June 19: $837,538 (goal reached!)

This London-based Kickstarter Staff Pick may look like any other set of headphones, but there’s more to them than would appear. Kokoon EEG Headphones are designed with comfortable, quiet sleep in mind. Thanks to cool gel padding, Kokoon can block out unwanted noise throughout the night, without hurting your head as you toss and turn.

It goes beyond the feel of the headphones, though. With Bluetooth technology, Kokoon connects to your smartphone to control the audio and noise cancellation settings. Finally, it even tracks your sleep patterns to help you better understand your rest.

What could use some love

DrumPants 2.0 on Indiegogo

Started: May 13
Goal: $35,000
Raised As of June 19: $23,271

Just when you thought GarageBand or SoundCloud was the greatest innovation in digital music, think again. DrumPants 2.0 is a wearable MIDI drum machine that you can control using your hands and feet. Drums are one of the least portable instruments out there, so DrumPants could change the game for musicians tight on space.

You can create piano, synth, guitar, and other instrumental parts with DrumPants, as well. Not only that, but the product connects to over 300 mobile and desktop apps, making it easy to record your DrumPants audio anywhere you want. How cool is that?

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