The crowdfunding charts: A sleep apnea solution, surround sound for extreme sports, and more

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Health-focused wearables are on the rise, as evidenced in this week’s medical-heavy tech crowdfunding campaigns. Beyond that, but we have two innovative wireless headphone solutions, a codable bracelet for girls, and a smart golf accessory to help improve your swing. Check out this week’s crowdfunding findings below.

What campaigns hit crowdfunding this week

Dot on Kickstarter

Started: July 7
Goal: $30,000
Raised as of July 10: $270,500 (goal reached!)

It’s about time wireless headphones became the norm, and Dot could be one of the best solutions so far. The concept is simple: Headphones that don’t even seem like they’re there. The Dot bluetooth headset consists of two small, lightweight earbuds that are sweat resistant and have an impressive battery life (six hours straight of music or nine hours straight of calls).

In just three days, Dot reached its crowdfunding goal of $30,000 nine times over. There are 27 more days to go, so we can expect big things from Dot in the future. Stretch goals include different colors ($500,000 and $750,000) and better battery life ($1,000,000).

Ojee TALON on Indiegogo

Started: June 6
Goal: £20,000 ($31,055.60)
Raised as of July 10: £7,567 ($11,749.89)

Looking to improve your golf swing? Look no further than the Ojee TALON, a product from the north of England developed to improve one’s golf stance. The TALON sits on the top of your golf club, and reads your posture (thanks to a wireless unit on your back) as you prepare to hit the ball.

To perfect your swing set-up, you can donate the whole £179 ($277.38) to get your own Ojee TALON, or just £38 ($58.89) for a nice branded golf shirt instead.

Jewelbots on Kickstarter

Started: July 8
Goal: $30,000
Raised As of July 10: $56,718 (goal reached!)

It’s no secret that females are largely absent within the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. However, getting girls involved at young ages encourages them to pursue STEM. To ignite girls curiosity, Jewelbots was created. describe Jewelbots as a “friendship bracelet for the iPhone era.”

The New York-based startup was founded by two women who wanted to teach girls the basics of coding and who describe the Jewelbots product as a “friendship bracelet for the iPhone era.” Once Jewelbots is set up through the smartphone app, it’s open source so users can customize their bracelets however they want.

Check out their Kickstarter video, which is already gaining a ton of traction.

What campaigns are hot this week

Airing on Indiegogo

Started: June 15
Goal: $100,000
Raised as of July 10: $794,119

Obstructive Sleep Apnea affects the way thousands of people sleep. OSA causes a blockage in your throat while sleeping, which leads to trouble breathing. It can also cause more serious health issues like cardiovascular disease. The typical solution for OSA is wearing a large mask that looks like it’s straight from Star Wars.

Enter Airing: a small, hoseless, maskless, micro-CPAP. It uses micro blowers originally invented for fanning chips in computers when they overheat to get air into lungs without the hassle.

The small, unobtrusive device seems like a great solution to a bigger problem; Airing says 50 percent of typical CPAP users quit using the device within a year. With an alternative as simple (and comparatively small) as Airing, those with OSA can finally sleep comfortably.

BE-LINK on Kickstarter

Started: June 15
Goal: $12,000
Raised as of July 10: $51,331

BE-LINK Bluetooth Integration Systems in Salt Lake City already earned accolades for creating a Bluetooth-connected beanie to listen to music without headphones. Now, the company is taking the same technology and applying it to helmets.

The BE-LINK surround sound system be installed in any kind of helmet in 30 seconds or less. It features up to nine hours of battery life, with a micro USB charging port and a built-in microphone for phone calls. It’s a genius idea from BE-LINK that elevates its initial product to the next level.

What campaigns could use some love this week

Amyko on Indiegogo

Started: June 22
Goal: $70,000
Raised As of July 10: $11,484

If you or someone you know has severe allergies of any kind, you’re aware of the MedicAlert bracelet. What if there was a smarter bracelet that could give your information and, say, let you call an emergency contact?

That’s where Amyko comes in. Anyone who has a smartphone can tap the Amyko bracelet with their phone to access information about that person. It also lets you send emergency texts with the touch of a button, and it’s waterproof. From the information you enter to the color of the bracelet, Amyko is totally customizable.

With the right push, Amyko could become hugely helpful. There are still 24 days left in the Indiegogo campaign, so show your support if you’re someone who could benefit from the emerging piece of tech.

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