The crowdfunding charts: A skydiving smartwatch, a 3-in-1 keychain and more

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Devices ranging from in-ear headphones with 3D recording capabilities to smartwatches with cloud storage hit the crowdfunding charts this week. Check out our latest column to see what’s trending — and what needs help.

What hit crowdfunding this week

CulCharge on Indiegogo

Started: May 26
Goal: $60,000
Raised as of May 29: $76,588 (goal reached!)

CulCharge is a wearable that you can wear on your keychain, but it’s more than just a decoration. It’s a small 3-in-1 device that acts as a powerbank, charge cable, and data cable for smartphones and tablets. It’s one of the smallest portable chargers out there, and it takes away the hassle of those long iPhone charger cables.

In just three days the CulCharge team in Bratislava, Slovakia reached its crowdfunding goal of $60,000. This is CulCharge’s second crowdfunding campaign, and the startup expects to ship out finished products to Indiegogo backers in December.

OpenEars on Kickstarter

Started: May 26
Goal: $137,325 (€125,000)
Raised as of May 29: $25,926

OpenEars, invented by a startup based in Munich, Germany, is a set of in-ear headphones that use binaural recording and streaming to capture high-quality audio. The company was inspired to make memories more three-dimensional with its product, saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could not only send pictures or videos of our favorite moments but also the whole sound pattern of these images?”

OpenEars connect not only smartphones but to GoPros and other iOS and Android devices, as well. And aside from the ability to record the nuanced sounds and effects that highly attuned human ears process, the best feature may be how unobtrusive the device is — they look like nothing more than normal headphones.

This campaign is accepting funding on Kickstarter until June 24.

What’s hot this week

ReVault Smartwatch on Indiegogo

Started: May 18
Goal: $65,000
Raised as of May 29: $94,465 (goal reached!)

Hailing from Linköping, Sweden, the creators of ReVault Smartwatch are looking to build perhaps the smartest timepiece out there. ReVault isn’t just a regular old smartwatch — it’s also a storage cloud for which you don’t even need Wi-Fi to back up your files.

The watch was designed with security in mind, so your locally stored files are said to be safe and sound. The creators wrote on their campaign page, “It functions entirely offline far out of the reach of crackers, governments and big corporations.”

The smartwatch is compatible with Android, IOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems. ReVault exceeded its fundraising goal in just 11 days, but if you’d like, you have until June 18 to donate.

What could use some love

Rockioo Smartwatch on Kickstarter

Started: May 8
Goal: $200,000
Raised as of May 29: $61,675

Rockioo Smartwatch was created especially with extreme sport fanatics and fitness junkies in mind. In addition to being waterproof, it’s practically indestructible owing to a titanium build. and an aerospace standing atmospheric pressure sensor. Most remarkably, Rockioo is the worlds first smartwatch to use an aerospace standing atmospheric pressure sensor to track skydiving metrics.

Though the smartwatch has earned a fair amount of press after debuting at CES Shanghai, Rockioo even halfway funded yet. You can change that, if you like. The Kickstarter campaign ends on June 7.

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