The Crowdfunding Charts: A sex toy, a smart water bottle, hearbuds, and more

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This week’s crowdfunding charts saw quite an array of new projects take off, from massaging head bands to… sex toys. In our third installation of the Crowdfunding Charts, we’ve gathered the best Indiegogo and Kickstarter had to offer.

What hit crowdfunding this week

Lovely on Indiegogo

Started: June 2
Goal: $95,000
Raised as of June 5: $4,577

Well. There really is a wearable for everything. Lovely is a wearable sex toy that functions as a sexual activity tracker, vibrator, and sex coach. If you’re looking to improve your sex life and see real, quantifiable results, this crowdfunding campaign is just for you.

Lovely’s smartphone app shows you different sex positions to try out, kind of like a personalized Cosmo sex tips column. It’s definitely the most unique crowdfunding find of the week, and the San Francisco startup has been grabbing attention from the likes of Engadget, Glamour, and more.

Gloveone on Kickstarter

Started: June 1
Goal: $150,000
Raised as of June 5: $45,040

It’s time to take virtual reality gaming a step further. VR company NeuroDigital Technologies, based in Miami and Almeria, Spain, launched a Kickstarter campaign for virtual reality gloves. Gloveone aims to add to the existing VR experience the sense of touch, making VR more realistic than ever. NeuroDigital Technologies is using the money raised to fund its prototype manufacturing, and backers can test out the prototypes themselves.

Gloveone is now a Kickstarter Staff Pick after only being on the platform for four days. It’s fundraising goal is high at $150,000, but we think it has a solid chance of reaching its goal before the deadline.

What’s hot this week

HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle on Kickstarter

Started: June 1
Goal: $35,000
Raised as of June 5: $134,177 (goal reached!)

Fitness and health wearables are among the most popular, but HidrateMe is among the first to track not your activity, but your water intake. Sure, there are smartphone apps where you can enter how many ounces of water you’ve had that day — or you can just use your brain. But why do that when this smart water bottle can do it for you?

HidrateMe is a highly stylized water bottle that connects to your phone using Bluetooth. Its app can adjust how much water you need to drink based on your fitness levels, weight, and location. It comes in a variety of colors and has a battery life of over a year, so charging isn’t necessary. In just four days, HidrateMe raised well over its crowdfunding goal.

Plate Your Apple Watch with 24k Gold on Kickstarter

Started: May 11
Goal: $1,500
Raised as of June 5: $30,620 (goal reached!)

Let’s be real: The $10,000 price tag on the Apple Watch Edition is absurd. If you’re a baller on a budget, this is the Kickstarter campaign to donate to.

Plate Your Apple Watch is a kit that allows you to easily plate any steel devices, such as standard Apple Watches or iPhones, with 24-karat yellow gold for only $97. The intro video is a little bit ridiculous, but we can get past that when we see how many supporters this project has.

Here Active Listening on Kickstarter

Started: June 2
Goal: $250,000
Raised as of June 5: $322,819 (goal reached!)

New York’s own Doppler Labs created its second audio product called Here Active Listening. Here is a pair of wireless earbuds, otherwise known as “hearbuds,” that allow you to control what you hear from the environment around you. If you’re at a concert, you can increase the bass or add reverb. If you’re in a noisy city, you can reduce subway and traffic noise.

In just 48 hours, Here already reached its crowdfunding goal of $250,000 and still has 25 days to go. Doppler Labs plans to have the hearables shipped to backers by December of this year.

What could use some love

Vi-Band on Indiegogo

Started: May 12
Goal: $20,000
Raised as of June 5: $15,703

“Head massages. Do you love them?” asks Vi-Band’s introduction video. Don’t bother answering the question — they already know the answer is a definite yes.

Out of Colorado Springs, Vi-Band is a vibrating headband that gives you head massages whenever you want. The best part? If you contribute $30 to the campaign, you get a Vi-Band for free.

We can see this product doing especially well at Sharper Image or Bed, Bath and Beyond. The device comes in different colors and designs, so there’s a Vi-Band for every kind of taste.

Do yourself a favor and go help Vi-Band reach its fundraising goal before it’s too late. Your head will definitely thank you.

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