The crowdfunding charts: A blood pressure kit, 3D camera, luggage tag, and more

Written By Ellis Frederick

Websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter can be like the Wild West of crowdsourcing, especially for wearables and other IoT devices. But we’ve made it our job to find the best crowdfunding campaigns just for you. Take a look at what crowdsourcing has to offer this week.

What campaigns hit crowdfunding this week

LIVALL on Indiegogo

Started: August 3
Goal: $20,000
Raised as of August 7: $84,007 (goal reached!)

Cycling-related wearables like smart helmets have become quite the trend on crowdfunding websites. It’s no surprise, then, that LIVALL has made over four times its fundraising goal in just as many days. Shenzhen, China’s LIVALL takes safety, comfort, and fun, and rolls them all into one exciting new cycling helmet.

Features on LIVALL include a windbreak mic, Bluetooth-connected speakers, and a 3-axis G-sensor, as well as LED lights that can work as turn signals. It call also track your cycling progress with its patented Nano Cadence Sensor. We’ve seen a few smart helmets before, but nothing as well-rounded as this.

Accutension on Indiegogo

Started: August 4
Goal: $10,000
Raised As of August 7: $4,164

Smartphone accessories meet health wearables for Shanghai startup Accutension, the smartphone-powered blood pressure kit. The automatic blood pressure monitors (BPMs) that we rely on today can be unreliable — and a bad reading can be fatal. Accutension promises blood pressure readings that are as good as your doctor’s.

When you use Accutension, you can also use its accompanying app, which tracks important data such as auscultatory sound strength and cuff pressure. These figures can help determine how accurate you blood pressure reading it. This is a potentially simple, affordable solution for anyone who struggles with high blood pressure.

What campaigns are hot this week

Tagonce on Kickstarter

Started: July 21
Goal: kr45,000 ($6,582.12)
Raised as of August 7: kr115,615 ($16,948.49) (goal reached!)

Traveling is exciting and adventurous, but it can also be stressful and tedious. When checking your luggage at an airport, do you find yourself writing down the same information over and over on all manners of luggage tags? So did the brains behind Tagonce.

Tagonce is a small tag with a unique QR code. Through the Tagonce app on your smartphone, you can enter and edit your contact information as you please, taking the hassle out of luggage tags for good. If your luggage gets lost, anyone can scan your tag, find your contact information, and reach you. The solution is so easy, it’s almost hard to believe no one thought of it sooner.

Minim on Kickstarter

Started: July 29
Goal: $40,000
Raised as of August 7: $71,852 (goal reached!)

For quite some time now, we’ve been able to take music with us everywhere we go. What about taking your instruments everywhere, though? With Minim, you can pack sounds like drums, samples, synth, and guitars into your bag or pocket.

The device really is portable-sized, too. Minim has the same dimensions as the iPhone 6 Plus. Right now, Minim can only work with iOS or OSX devices, but the demand is clearly there. The Austin-based startup has raised over $30,000 more than its initial goal.

What campaigns could use some love

Bevel on Kickstarter

Started: July 27
Goal: $200,000
Raised as of August 7: $185,640

$200,000 is a lot to ask for from a crowdfunding campaign, but with an invention this cool, how could you not contribute? Coming out of New York, Bevel is the first-ever 3D camera attachment for smartphones and tablets. The small camera plugs into the headphone jack of any iOS or Android device, then uses your device’s existing camera and its own eye-safe laser light to create a 3D image.

Right now, Bevel has a really good chance of reaching its fundraising goal. If you donate just $49 to the campaign, you can get your very own portable 3D camera when the accessory begins shipping in February of 2016.

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