The best Apple Watch apps in 2015 for health, travel, finance, and more

Written By Tom Hushen

So you went ahead and bought that Apple Watch, even though you told yourself that you were going to wait until the second gen was released. Now you get to sit with popular kids and brag about your consistently top performing device. However, what will come to define your experience isn’t necessarily the bones of your watch, but rather, the amazing things that can be done with your watch.

Below are 15 top Apple Watch apps that will step up your smartwatch game and distance yourself from any other fools. We pieced together this list by examining the best that developers have to offer when it comes to the best Apple Watch apps in Health, Finance, Games, and Travel so that you don’t have to.

Apple Watch health apps

Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen app is one of the best 15 apps for apple watch

How would you like amazing specially curated vegetarian recipes delivered right to your Apple smartwatch? The Green Kitchen Apple Watch app was developed by David and Luise based on their award winning food blog Green Kitchen Stories. The duo specializes in providing recipes with ingredients straight from nature and avoiding troublesome stuff like gluten, sugar, and dairy products.


HealthTap is one of the best 15 apps for Apple Watch

This app allows you to find personalized information to a wide variety of medical questions at the tap of a button. We count this among the best Apple Watch apps owing to the fact that over 70,000 physicians available on the app, users can talk to doctors, share photos and test results, and get immediate answers. You will also get personal reminders to help you manage your health.

Daily Bread

Daily Bread is one of the 15 best apple watch apps

Writing down grocery lists are a thing of the past, thanks to Daily Bread. Developed by Jiaaro, The app comes with Siri integration so you can vocally add things to your grocery list. A cool feature for the smartwatch is the guided shopping tool. You can tap on an item once you have it in the grocery store and it will move on to the next one.

Apple Watch fitness apps


MapMyRun is one of the best 15 apple watch apps

Under Armour recently acquired this Austin based startup — and for good reason. MapMyRun is already widely popular and now available on your Apple Watch. The fitness app combines a fitness tracker, a route guide, and a food log. Plus, you can meet up with other runners in your area through the social media portion and have running events.


Human is one of the 15 best apple watch apss


Voted Best of the App Store in 2014, Human is more than just a calorie and activity tracker. Its Apple Watch app encourages and pushes you to move for 30 minutes a day and will automatically track and store the record of any movement that is longer than a minute. The app works in tandem with your iPhone and will send you updates directly to your watch.

Fitstar Yoga

FitStar yoga is one of the 15 best apple watch apps

For all you yoga enthusiasts out there, this one may help out with the wallet. While the app is still subscription based, it only comes out to $40 a year which is far less than a studio membership. You get access to personalized and freestyle workouts weekly and HD video tutorials. The watch app allows you to see what the next pose will be in your workout without having to use your phone. You can also see the remaining time left on your current pose.

Apple Watch finance apps


iBank is one of the 15 best apple watch apps

Designed specifically for the Apple Watch, this popular banking management app allows users to quickly see how well they are sticking to their budget, as well as monitor account balances and/or check on investment performance. It’s a cool Apple Watch app for monitoring finances because you can layer in other accounts and view them simultaneously.


PortfolioWatch is one of the 15 best apple watch apps


Keeping an eye on the stock market can be tricky when it’s always changing. The new PortfolioWatch by Orsome helps you keep track of your favorite companies. The Apple Watch app can just be used to monitor stock, but you can also enter your holdings. It will show you either the gain or loss that you have achieved that day, or show the total change since purchase.


Trulia is one of the 15 best apple watch apps

The housing market is one that requires quick action, and a bevy of new Apple Watch apps are coming to the rescue. Real estate listing site Trulia has recently released an app on Apple Watch to show nearby listings along with information like the address, price, square footage, and total number of beds and baths.


Chronicle is one of the 15 best apple watch apps

Bill alerts now be delivered straight to your rest thanks to Chronicle. The app, which is available for Mac and iPhone, is a bill managing app that alerts you to upcoming bill payments, manages proof of your payments, and tracks your spending through cloud based syncing. Users will be able to swipe between homescreens. Users will be alerted by notifications and can even reschedule payments right from your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch gaming apps


Runeblade is one of the 15 best apple watch apps


While gaming may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to the Apple Watch, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed a little fun. Runblade is a gaming app for the Apple smartwatch that lets users play out a fantasy adventure through “twitter-sized entertainment.” The app released this past April for free and is updated regularly with new levels, enemies, and features.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of the best 15 apple watch apps

Are you brushing up for your Geeks Who Drink competition? Even if you’re not, this app will be sure to boost up your repertoire of useless trivial facts. Trivia Crack is an addictive new gaming app for the Apple Watch with cute animals that ask you questions on everything from history to pop culture. Unfortunately you have to start the game on your iPhone, but you can pick up where you left off from the Apple Watch.

Tamagotchi Classic

Tamagotchi Classic is one of the best 15 apple watch apps

Who doesn’t need a little ’90s nostalgia? Tamagotchi for Apple Watch will bring you back to your favorite childhood obsession as you raise and nurture your digital pet. You can tap your wrist to check on your friend and make sure it’s doing okay, and you can customize your pet’s surroundings through the iPhone app. Just remember to feed it this time.

Apple Watch travel apps


TripAdvisor is one of the 15 best apple watch apps

Released this past April, TripAdvisor introduced its Apple Watch travel app along with some serious upgrades. The new app has a built-in GPS directions for travelers that like to walk around, a “savers” feature that allows users to get discounts at their favorite restaurants, hotels, and attractions, and a search option that allows users to search for points of interest.


Uber is one of the 15 best apple watch apps

If Uber knows one thing, it’s how to build a gorgeous app. The new Apple Watch app allows you to directly order a car from your wrist. Users will not see the familiar dropped pin with an estimated time remaining for pickup, but they will be taken directly to a screen showing nearest available car. Once you’ve got it confirmed, you’ll see the mapped distance from you and the requested car. Safe travels!

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