Tennis pro Andy Murray gives competitive edge as wearable tech advisor

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Last year tennis legend Andy Murray told Life and Times that he was “interested in the role technology plays in sports, especially wearable technology,” specifically mentioning his enthusiasm in crowdfunding and the “plenty of exciting developments in this area right now.”

He wasn’t kidding. Earlier this week Murray announced that he has partnered with Seedrs, an equity crowd funding firm based in London. His job? Advise the company in the field of sports, health, and their intersection within wearable tech. He also plans on investing in a number of the start-ups on the platform, giving Seedrs an edge that any investment company would kill for.

We first saw a glance of his entrepreneurial spirit after his Wimbledon win in 2013 with the creation of management company 77. He also bought Cromlix House, a luxury hotel in his native Scotland. Now he has a chance to invest in others. “I’ve always been interested in investment, and being able to get involved in an innovative way to help support British startups really appealed to me,” said Murray.

Who better to help create sports wearables than a professional athlete? Although he sees great potential in the wearables industry in the future, he does not lose sight of the technologies’ true purpose. “I use technology because it helps me understand what I’m doing, and helps me improve. If it doesn’t do that, I won’t bother.”

Despite his recent loss at the French Open semi-final, his determination to succeed (and to use wearables to do it!) is admirable. “For me, the importance of hard work and dedication cannot be underestimated”, he says. “Throughout my career I’ve continually pushed myself and although I’ve made lots of mistakes and had plenty of tough losses, it’s about responding and learning from those times.”

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