TAG Heuer’s Smartwatch Development Plan

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Swiss watch company TAG Heuer announced their intentions to develop a smartwatch in September, just days after Apple revealed their own Apple Watch. Now, TAG Heuer’s interim chief executive Jean-Claude Biver and general manager Guy Semon say the smartwatch’s plans are outlined, some partnerships are already in place, and the company is looking into acquisitions.


Though Biver was initially dismissive of smartwatches, he’s admittedly changed his mind. Biver told journalists at a press conference that TAG Heuer had “started on the project about four months ago. We have done several partnerships and might also do acquisitions.” Biver has stressed how important creating a “different and unique” smartwatch is to the company. Even in September, he said that if TAG Heuer were to create a smartwatch, it could not be an Apple Watch copycat.


Jean-Claude Biver, interim CEO of the LVMH's TAG Heuer watch brand.  Source: Reuters.

Jean-Claude Biver, interim CEO of the LVMH’s TAG Heuer watch brand.
Source: Reuters.


Semon called the growth of the smartwatch industry “a challenge to the Swiss watch industry.” He also said that Tag Heuer “cannot ignore this tsunami that is coming closer.


TAG Heuer’s plan is to make an annoucement once they have a good product to present. The company will do this no earlier than late 2015. There is no formal timeline in place for the smartwatch, and it is unknown how much the company will invest into the product.


So far, TAG Heuer has remained quiet about what to expect from the smartwatch, but there has been speculation. Rumored partnerships include Google and Intel. Specifically, some reports claim the smartwatch will be powered by an Intel microprocessor, and the watch itself will be a hybrid of digital and mechanical designs. Semon did not comment on rumors regarding company partnerships when asked.

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