Study: The Unexpected State of Consumer Wearable Tech

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At our passion is to bring an unbiased lens to the wearable technology space to help you make sense of the industry, and to share our findings with readers and influencers. Thus and The Center for Generational Kinetics are pleased to bring you our latest research and findings on consumer wearable technology, The Unexpected State of Consumer Wearable Technology: Surprising New Research on U.S. Consumer Attitudes toward Wearable Technology across Generations, October 2014.


The consumer market is just one of four major wearable tech applications, outside of enterprise, medical/healthcare, and military or government; However, it is perhaps the most controversial, and also the least defined. Highly visible products such as Google Glass, Go Pro, Fitbit, Pebble, and the Apple Watch have thrust consumer wearables into the spotlight.


Wearables have impacted national discussions about technology, but with all the conflicting stories it can be hard to say whether consumers see wearables as a fad or the future. Our primary goals were to find out how U.S.consumers view wearable technology, the features and benefits they desire most, and how they feel about potentially sensitive issues such as tracking and sharing personal information. This is exactly why we chose to conduct this research. - Infographic - Unexpected State Consumer Wearable Tech


Now we offer this report to our readers and community for free, to download, share, and use as a communication tool to further the conversation on consumer wearable tech.

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