Spire Helps Monitor Breathing Patterns

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A new activity tracking wearable launched this week, differentiating itself in a big way: Spire monitors breathing patterns to help users track, and hopefully, manage their way to a better state of mind.

The wearable can be clipped onto one’s waist band or bra. The stone-like portion of the device is worn facing the body, which helps it track activity and breathing patterns. Placing the stone into one’s pocket will limit the device to only tracking steps and activity. The devices uses a group of sensors that work with Spire’s proprietary algorithms to understand body position, activity, and breathing patterns. Spire then shoots this data to the cloud for analysis, and then delivers direct insights to users throughout the day to help them manage their mental state through suggested breathing and activity exercises. The companion app is presently available for iPhone only, but Spire is working on releasing an Android version.

Spire bases its technology on the science of psychophysiology, or the how the brain and body interact. Everyday stresses affect our mental state, which is directly reflected in our breathing patterns. Spire takes notice of jumps in breathing patterns, and prescriptively recommends the user to take a deep breath.

Spire also tracks steps, standing, sitting, and laying down, essentially basic daily activity. The team currently has chosen to not display estimated calories burned through daily activity.

Spire is currently available for pre-order for $119. Each order includes the stone, the clasp, and the wireless charging pad. Orders will begin shipping in September 2014. The $119 price point is a pre-order discount from the expected full retail price of $149.

Spire co-founder and inventor Neema Moraveji started the Stanford Calming Technology, and holds a PhD in augmented self regulation. The company went through Stanford accelerator, StartX, and has raised around $1.5 million in funding.

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