Speaktoit Eyeing Wearables Market With New Funding?

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Speaktoit, the maker of the voice-commanded AI assistant, has raised $2.6 million in a new round of funding from Motorola, Intel, Alpine Technology Fund, and Plug and Play Ventures. With the app currently serving as the main Siri competitor for Android phones, the recent round of funding comes as a much needed boost for app to pull ahead across all platforms as Speaktoit aims to penetrate more industries with its assistant.


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While the Speaktoit assistant has previously just been used as a smartphone app, the company is currently looking to use this new round of funding to implement its popular assistant into wearables, televisions, smart homes and automobiles. According to Chief Executive Ilya Gelfenbeyn, the company is in talks to partner with most of the major auto manufacturers, working out a licensing fee to include Speaktoit inside the vehicles.


In addition to new partnerships, the young company plans on using this funding to improve the experience even further, making responses and and interpretations to questions more adaptive and natural. In order for Speaktoit to improve its product, the company continues to develop data sets to draw from, such as GPS, time of day, and especially user preferences and history to make the product quickly learn what kind of responses are most relevant to each user.


With wearables and hands-free devices becoming more prevalent, it comes as no surprise that Speaktoit is looking to expand past smartphones, when swiping and pressing accomplish just as much if not more than voice-assisted commands. Until more word comes from Apple’s end on the wearable spectrum, Speaktoit could be the frontrunner for the slew of wearable devices coming out on the near future.

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