Spark Smartwatch Reaches Crowdfunding Goal

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Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup Blanc Watches has just reached its crowdfunding goal of $8,000 for Spark, “the watch that keeps you awake.” As of February 22nd, Spark’s Kickstarter campaign has raised over $10,000, with more than two weeks to go.



The Spark smartwatch was conceived by Blanc founder Eddie Zhong. Zhong was in high school when his older brother fell asleep during a timed exam, which led to him not getting accepted to the college of his choice. “I fall asleep a lot in mostly boring classes, like math” Zhong told the Daily Dot back in July of last year. “And I see a lot of students around me who have the same problem.” To solve the problem, Zhong formed a team entrepreneurs and developers, all high-school aged, to create Spark.


Spark’s job is simple: it’s designed to keep you awake. The watch uses motion-tracking algorithms to track a person’s activity–or lack thereof. If Spark notices that its user has gotten sleepy, it vibrates to wake the wearer up. The watch also has a screen that tells time.


The Wearblanc Spark.

The Wearblanc Spark.


This is Spark’s second Kickstarter campaign. The first one reached its fundraising goal of $6,000 on August 4, 2014. It ended up raising $23,704 total by the time the campaign was over. The first Kickstarter’s funds were used for design, development, and a first round of production.


The second production run will be funded with the money raised in this current Kickstarter campaign. In addition, this run will feature more strap options, new background images for the watchface, and “custom watch boxes for gifts and other occasions.” Sparks are available for pre-order on Blanc’s website for $49.

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