Soundhawk Helps You Tune In To What You Want

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Fresh off a newly minted $5.5 million investment round, Soundhawk has officially launched their sleek audio wearable for pre-order on their site. Per Soundhawk, on average we spend 45% of our day listening, and 85% of what we learn we do so by listening. The company’s Smart Listening System allows users to focus their hearing on the sounds that matter most.


The system comes with three hardware pieces and an accompanying mobile app. The Scoop, or hearing device, is a stylish Bluetooth headset worn on the user’s ear. It has a battery life of up to 8 hours of use, and weighs only 6 grams. The wireless mic, which resembles a larger version of the Scoop, has a range of up to 33 feet and is placed near the sound source that you want to focus on. The two devices are charged in an elegant capsule-like charging station that also acts as a carrying case for the devices.


Soundhawk app allows users to fine tune their listening experiences in different settings. Photo:

Users optimize their listening experiences using the Soundhawk app, which will be available for both iOS and Android in late Summer 2014.  By placing the wireless mic near the preferred sound source, users are able to optimize listening by personalizing in the app via Sound Scenes, which are different settings ideal for specific listening environments. The system can also be used in tandem with Siri or Google Now to use voice commands to place calls, search for places, or get weather updates. Users can also use the Scoop to take calls or have text messages read to them.


Soundhawk partnered with Foxconn, who is a strategic investor in the company, a hardware manufacturing giant that gives the company immediate scale and roads into both the US and Asian markets. Soundhawk will retail at $299, but is available for a limited pre-order discount of $279.


For more information check out Soundhawk directly, as well as their press release.



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