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Have you ever experienced Google Glass in person? While most people know what the smart glasses are, few have ever came in contact, let alone seen the glasses in person. To change that, Sophia Dominguez, sponsored by The 3% conference, set on a 5 week journey across the world interacting with all types of people, becoming the first person to do such a project, and called it Sophia Through Glass.



After being invited to the Google Glass Explorer program, Sophia decided that the novelty of Glass shouldn’t be experienced just by her, but really everyone around the world, attempting to change many of the perceptions that people have about Glass. So, she set out on this five week journey, travelling to multiple countries, with stops in Paris, London, Mumbai, Berlin, Goa, and Dubai along the way. While each country had slightly different reactions to her wearing Glass, and then some being able to wear it themselves, most found it to be, well, cool. One guy from Dubai in particular even asked if he could buy the ones she was already wearing on her face.


However, apart from the looks of intrigue, many were looks of bewilderment. One man commented that Sophia looked “like an alien” after he first saw her, going to show that while Glass is fascinating for those that interact with it, many people still find the glasses to be off putting at first glance. Then, there’s the whole issue of privacy, which one man seemed to have an issue with at a club in London.


The entire journey is a fascinating look at how one piece of technology can inspire so many different responses, particularly one that few ever actually experience for themselves.

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