Sony Teams Up With ROXY to Create SmartBand

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Electronics behemoth Sony and female lifestyle brand ROXY have joined forces to create their own limited edition SmartBand. SmartBand with ROXY SWR10 was announced in October 2014 on both ROXY and Sony’s blogs.



When speaking about Sony and ROXY’s collaboration, Sony Mobile Communications Director of Creative Product Design Jeanna Kimbre says,

“Fashion and technology both play integral parts in our lives, and we’ve finally reached a tipping point where the lines are blurring–wearable technology is the natural bridge between these two converging worlds. SmartBand with ROXY is a result of this exploration, the latest addition to our SmartWear range–wearable technology that offers choice, whatever your style, taste or personality.”


SmartBand with ROXY allows users to connect to their Android smartphones via Bluetooth and NFC. The popular Lifelog SmartWear app gives SmartBand with ROXY owners a way to customize the band to fit their lifestyle. The band can monitor movements, as well as receive notifications for calls, messages, Tweets, and likes. It also works with Sony’s WALKMAN app to play, pause, and skip tracks.


Sony Roxy SmartBand

The limited edition SmartBand features a design from the ROXY Outdoor Fitness collection. Source: Roxy.


The SmartBand is a 24/7 wearable device that’s waterproof at three meters depth for thirty minutes. Its design is a bright cobalt blue rubber with wave embellishments. These features allows the band to fit in with the beachy, outdoors lifestyle ROXY emulates.


Currently, SmartBand with ROXY is listed on Sony Mobile’s United States web store without a price, but their web store in the United Kingdom has the SmartBand available for sale at £79.99, which would be $125. Other Sony SmartBands range in price from £79.99 ($125) to £189.99 ($296.89).

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