Smartwatch buyback programs explode prior to Apple Watch release

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With the highly anticipated arrival of the Apple Watch just days away, a select few are beginning to wonder, “What can I do with that older smartwatch of mine?”

If you’re someone looking to get rid of a previously procured device in order to upgrade to a new Apple Watch, here’s a tip: sell it.

Websites with buyback programs like NextWorth, Best Buy, BuyBackWorld, and Amazon have recently begun accepting wearables, and they’re already the second-most popular trade-in. Of course, we can’t be sure if those selling their smartwatches are replacing their old ones with an Apple Watch, but the timing is suspect.

NextWorth will buy Moto 360 with a black leather band in good condition for $107. Amazon will credit the same exact watch for $104 in store credit. A black 301BL Pebble Smartwatch can be sold to NextWorth for $26 or to BuyBackWord for $20. Best Buy also pays in gift cards, but BuyBackWorld gives you cold, hard cash.

NextWorth’s chief marketing officer Jeff Trachsel told Cio that the coming of the Apple Watch finally gives previous smartwatch owners “a reason to sell.” “Early adopters [of smartwatches] didn’t have a reason to trade them in,” he said.

Websites with buyback programs will purchase your other used wearables, too. They’ll accept almost anything, including your Google Glasses, GoPros cameras, and Jawbone UP 24s. Keep an eye on these websites, though. Trade-in prices are changing all the time.

With so many smartwatch options out there now, why settle for the first one you got?

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