Sensoria Receives $5 Million in Funding

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Sensoria, the maker of smart socks, shirts, sports bras as well as its ‘Internet for Everyone’ open platform for wearables, has received $5 million in Series A funding from Reply SpA. The news came from an announcement by Sensoria at Wearable Tech LA, stating that Reply SpA will acquire 20% interest in Sensoria, aiming to work more closely with its developers and industry partners to help develop Sensoria’s SDK for wearables.


The Sensoria Shirt offers three simple steps: Wear, Snap, Go! Source: Sensoria Fitness.


Sensoria is joining the likes of other fitness wearable companies to receive funding recently, marking a strong trend in popularity for smart clothing. Sensoria aims to differentiate itself from the slew of fitness competitors foremost with its open developer toolkit, allowing developers to create unique applications for Sensoria’s smart garments, and help create a full fitness picture for their users.


As far as their main products are concerned, Sensoria divides their products by the way information is tracked. Unlike many companies that track running information from shoes, Sensoria does it in the socks. Sensoria’s Fitness Socks contain textile sensors that can detect cadence, foot landing technique, as well as a host of other key information to help perfect each user’s running. The Fitness Shirt and Fitness Bra work a little more simply, using Sensoria’s or another brand heart rate monitor to complete the tracking of a user’s performance. The heart rate monitor sits seamlessly in the chest of the clothing, and like the Fitness Socks, submit information in real time wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Sensoria app on a user’s Android, iPhone, or Windows device.


The Fitness Shirt, Fitness Bra, and Fitness Socks all run for $149, and are currently available on their website. For more information on Sensoria, Reply SpA, or the funding, check out the official press release here.


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