Samsung ‘Level’: New Line of Premium Audio Products

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The South-Korean tech giant has decided to take a page out of Apple’s Beats Electronics book and move into the widely popular market for premium headphones and audio products. The new line will aptly be called ‘Level’, with the line featuring a pair of over-ear headphones, on-ear, in-ear, and wireless speaker system.


The over-ear headphones ‘Level Over’, will be Samsung’s most premium offering, featuring Bluetooth connectivity, active noise cancellation, as well as full controls including play, pause, skip, and the ability to answer and end calls.


The ‘Level On’ on-ear headphones work as a smaller, slightly less premium version of the ‘Level Over’. This set is wired, as well as lacks controls for the device it is connected to. However, they were created with a foldable design, making them ideal of a user that tends to be on the go.


The ‘Level In’ in-ear headphones are wired as well, and aim to give great sound quality to in-ear headphones. For the ‘Level In’ headphones, Samsung has included a powerful 3-way speaker system into the headphones, to give quality ranges from treble, mid-range and bass, and help make the headphones sound balanced.


The last product Samsung is offering is called the ‘Level Box.’ The ‘Level Box’ is a wireless compact speaker system that works with any Bluetooth enabled device, and includes a rechargeable battery.


Samsung’s music streaming app Milk. Source: Samsung Mobile.


The Level series of products is designed to work seamlessly with Milk Music, Samsung’s free music streaming service that is powered by Slacker. With the addition of the music service, Samsung is trying to capture the entire music listening experience from device, to service to listening equipment. The Level series of products are currently available for purchase on Amazon and on Samsung’s website.


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