Salesforce Expands Wearables Platform with Oculus Rift Among Others

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While Apple, Google, Samsung and many others have been battling it out to be the ones to bring wearables to the mainstream through consumers, Salesforce believes it can be done through the workplace. The company already has a history of integrating wearables into their product line, being on the front line of pushing wearables into the workforce, and now they aim to bring more wearable devices that can connect to their platform.


For those not familiar with Salesforce, companies use their cloud platform to easily deploy new apps to the entire enterprise, streamlining the whole process of new software or an application overhaul. Now that wearables are beginning to become more prevalent in the workplace, such as in the healthcare industry, Salesforce has created a new cloud platform that works with wearable devices to bring new apps for the entire company.


Salesforce first launched the wearables cloud platform earlier in the summer, and already supports products and devices such as Android Wear, ARM, Fitbit, Google Glass, Myo from Thalmic, Bionym Nymi, OMSignal, Pebble, and the Samsung Gear 2. Now the company is adding more devices to the line. The list of additions includes:


Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset


Epson Moverio – Smart Glasses


Jawbone UP – Fitness Tracker


Meta Glasses – 3D Smart Glasses


Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses – Android wearable computing, communications, and display system.


In addition to the new list of wearables devices supported, Salesforce developers are also working to get new apps to come to the platform, improving the experience for multiple sectors. The diversification is necessary to a company like Salesforce, given that they work in so many different industries. For example a doctor is going to want a different device with different software than an engineer in commercial construction. Their cloud software addresses this, allowing for support from a variety of different devices.

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